Expertise in Lasers

Lase Corp is an “engineering-first” company, delivering mass manufacturable laser units and laser systems.

We custom design lasers and optical modules for mass production for applications in the extreme environments. Based on the experience from 30+ custom design lasers, from ground up to full scale delivery of 20,000 units for defense applications, Lase Corp is able to provide engineering services for laser resonators and laser systems.

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Services for Lasers & Systems

Our comprehensive suite of contract-based services caters specifically to defense and security applications of lasers, including:

   - Engineering Design & Consultancy

   - System Integration

   - Test, Measurement & Performance Analysis

   - Training 

    - Supply-chain Network

Our Principles & About Us

Lase Corp is your defense and security-oriented engineering partner specializing in lasers and laser systems for military applications. With over two decades of battlefield-proven experience, we offer cutting-edge engineering design and R&D services, enabling our partners to achieve rapid product development in laser target designators, range finders, illuminators, active imaging and directed energy systems.


At the core of our methodology lies a commitment to design for manufacturability, supply chain capability, and reliability. By incorporating these principles from the R&D phase, we ensure a seamless transition into production scale-up, saving time and resources for our clients. Our engineering decision-making process is grounded in rigorous root physics analysis, extensive simulation, and comprehensive testing, spanning from controlled environments such as clean rooms to real-world operational scenarios. This approach leaves no room for wishful thinking; instead, it focuses on hard evidence and unyielding rationality to deliver lasers of unmatched reliability and mass manufacturability.


At Lase Corp, our passion for innovation and our unwavering commitment to excellence set us apart. When it comes to lasers for defense and security, trust in the expertise and dedication of Lase Corp. Let's achieve unparalleled success together.


Our engineering office is located in Ankara, Türkiye. Our prototyping and manufacturing partner facilities are located in the European Union.   -   2024